Professional Bodybuilding

Professional Bodybuilding

Sandow is said to have organized the first bodybuilding competition in 1901 in the United Kingdom. It was called the Great Competition. The participation rate exceeded largely what the promoters expected. People were refused at the entrance as well as participants. The first bodybuilding competition took place in the United States in 1904 in New York. People rushed to participate even though the first prize was only $1,000.


The Mr Universe contest really propelled bodybuilding to the general interest in the United States in 1950. The interest in bodybuilding came from both people who enjoyed watching the competition as well as people who trained hard to be in the spotlights.

Training to become a serious bodybuilder requires commitment and knowledge. A person who is serious about bodybuilding will need to understand muscle training and healthy nutrition. Most bodybuilders will prefer to get their extra protein from supplements as it can get hard to get all the necessary nutrients in a regular diet.

An extra challenge is posed to bodybuilders who are also vegetarians as getting all the necessary proteins in their diets can be very challenging. In these particular cases, protein supplements can be of great help. These supplements allow proteins to be absorbed into the body quickly. Protein supplement can be either taken as a pill or a powder that can be mixed with either water, milk or eggs. Protein supplements should not get confused with performance enhancement products on the market. They are two entirely different types of products used for different results.

In the past, bodybuilding competitions have been seen as superficial and not serious. It is now accepted that people entering bodybuilding competitions have spend numerous hours training and working hard to acquire the perfect muscle sculpting that will get them the best marks.

Judging in natural bodybuilding competitions is made up of several areas. The overall muscle balance is one of the most important criteria. It is long gone the time when just big biceps would get the best scores. Deltoids are compared to the size of calves. On the other hand, barrel width of the chest is compared to the width of the thighs. Furthermore, the size of the hips is compared to the sweep of the back. Judges are really focusing on the best overall appearance rather than just one part of the body. Bodybuilders have long understood this and are focusing on all areas of their bodies when training rather than on one area. The ìPopeyeî model with big biceps and nothing more is definitely gone for good.

Judging then focuses on the overall look of the bodybuilder. A symmetrical, appealing body will get great marks from the judges and can win first place. This includes how the individual carries himself, grooming, posture, and the types of posses that the competitor uses. The judges will be looking for harmonious poses and a healthy general body.

A person with an overall good looking body will grab the judges attention.

Being a professional bodybuilder takes dedication and determination. It requires a healthy body and the endurance to continue improving an overall performance.

In the case of a person not interested in becoming a professional, there are great benefits from bodybuilding, an area of interest in regards to physical fitness and ability. Check out our review on wonder core and you can have your own home gym